Rates include one bathroom and are for one-level apartments. If your home is bigger than 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom then we’ll need to get a detailed description and photos of your home so we can give you the flat rate.


If your home has not been cleaned in a long time and there is lots of clutter or dirt/dust buildup then you may not qualify for a deep clean. Please send pictures if you’d like to be sure you qualify for deep clean. If we show up and see that you are not qualified for a deep clean then we may not be able to complete the clean as promised.


In all rooms:

  • Dusting/polishing/vacuuming the floors. We will move the furniture to clean under it as long as it’s safe to do so without hurting ourselves or scratching floors.
  • Mopping the floors (with Swiffer and wet cloth. Please provide your own mop if you want us to use anything else).
  • Washing the windows from inside (let us know if they are over-size!).
  • Cleaning the baseboards
  • Making the beds in bedrooms. Please leave clean bedding on bed if you want sheets changed.


In bathroom:

  • Cleaning and sanitizing the bathroom (scrubbing walls, tub, toilet and sink).
  • Polishing bathroom faucets and mirrors.


In kitchen:

  • Cleaning inside the fridge and microwave
  • Polishing the counter top and stove top
  • Scrubbing and Polishing kitchen cabinet doors
  • Doing dishes by hand or running the machine. Please let us know if you have more than one sink or machine full of dishes. Extra charge will apply. Please do not leave expensive or extremely fragile dishes for us to clean.


Rate does NOT include cleaning the blinds/shutters, fans, organizing inside the cabinets/closets/drawers, washing the walls, laundry or cleaning inside the oven.