For empty homes to get cleaned after renovations, construction or painting. Rates include 1 bathroom.



1-Bed 1-Bath

2-Bed 1-Bath

3-Bed 1-Bath


If you book your cleaning, ask for a very realistic date from your construction company and ask them to alert you of any delays so you can reschedule your cleaning appointment accordingly. 

  In the event that you do want us to clean alongside any other trades we’ll convert to an hourly rate, $50 an hour per person.  

 If your home is bigger than 2 bedrooms-2 bathrooms or 1500 sf then we’ll need more details about your home in order to give you the flat rate.  

 APARTMENT THAT IS NOT EMPTY: $50 an hour per person. We are sorry but we cannot give a flat rate for this type of appointment. In some cases all the knick-knacks and furniture needs to be individually dusted several times and that can take a long time so we need to charge hourly for this type of service.  

In bathroom:

In kitchen:

Rate does not include washing the windows from the outside, cleaning the tops of kitchen cabinets, detail cleaning of ACs, doors or light switches, scrubbing the floors under big appliances. All that can be added on for extra charge.

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