Is tip included in your prices?

No. Usual tip is around 10-20%. If you don’t want to tip before you’ve seen the results then you can send it later via venmo.

What do you bring?

You have to provide the broom and/or vacuum cleaner and paper towels. We may also need you to provide a step ladder.
For one-time services we bring all the rest of the supplies we will need. For weekly or biweekly cleanings you will also provide the all-purpose cleaner, soft-scrub, window cleaner and floor cleaning supplies. You can also just have your Wizard buy everything and bring you the receipt so you can reimburse her. This way your Wizard does not qualify as your employee because your worker provides his or her own tools and offers similar services to the general public as part of a regular trade or business.

Are Wizards bonded or insured?

We treat your home with greatest care; however, should damage or breakage occur, we will have the item repaired or replaced if it cannot be repaired. Your Wizard is personally responsible for damages up to $500. Wizard of Homes NYC LLC does carry liability insurance. We are not bonded.

Do I need to stay home during the cleaning?

You can be home if you like, but please stay out of the room where your Wizard is currently working. We are there to do our job and it makes it more stressful for us if we have to tiptoe around because you’re watching tv or not vacuum because you’re on the phone.
Most of the clients prefer to give us the copy of the key or leave one with the doorman.
We can also meet you before you leave for work and then slide the key under the door when finished (if you don’t have a self-locking door).

Will I always have the same person cleaning my home?

Yes, for weekly/biweekly cleans you will be assigned your own Personal Wizard. If he/she is not available due to illness or vacation then we will notify you and you will have the option to skip, reschedule or have us send a different Wizard.
You can always ask to switch your Wizard if you don’t like the work he/she does. Different people have different expectations and every Wizard has their own unique style of cleaning so do not hesitate to try different Wizards till you find the right fit!

How do I prepare for my cleaning day?

We ask that you take a few minutes to pick up personal clothing, toys and other household items. The fewer items your Wizard has to pick up, the more she can concentrate on actual cleaning. If we find that we spend a lot of time decluttering your home each time then we will contact you to ask you to start preparing for your visits or raise your rate accordingly.

 It’s totally fine if you don’t have time to pick up clutter, we just need to charge extra for the time we spend doing it for you.

How do I pay?

Cash, check or venmo. Detailed will be given you at the time of confirmation.
Payment is due on the day of your service. You can leave your payment on the kitchen counter. Do not leave it with doormen.

Cancellation/Reschedule policy

If it is necessary to cancel/skip your scheduled cleaning, we require a 24-hour notification. If we receive fewer than 24 hours notice or we cannot get access to your home then we will charge a $70 late fee or a lockout fee equal to your cleaning fee.
Please be sure to submit in writing (via email or text message) any termination of regularly scheduled cleanings.
Please do not inform your Wizard directly of any changes to your schedule- this must be done directly with the management.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes we do! Our gift certificates are a great idea for weddings, birthdays, mother’s days, housewarming gifts etc.
Please contact us and give us as many details as you can, about the home you want to get cleaned (number of bathrooms/bedrooms etc).
We will give you a quote about how much the service will cost.
We can either mail/email the certificate directly to you or to the recipient on your behalf.
We can even bring fresh flowers on the day of the cleaning!

What happens if I’m not happy with the service?

Please get back to us right away if you are not entirely happy with the service. We’ll find a way to fix it and to make sure you end up receiving the service we promised.