For homes that need some serious scrubbing-dusting.


1-Bed 1-Bath

2-Bed 1-Bath

3-Bed 1-Bath


Rates include one bathroom and are for one-level apartments. If your home is bigger than 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom then we’ll need to get a detailed description and photos of your home so we can give you the flat rate. If your home has not been cleaned in a long time and there is lots of clutter or dirt/dust buildup then you may not qualify for a deep clean. Please send pictures if you’d like to be sure you qualify for deep clean. If we show up and see that you are not qualified for a deep clean then we may not be able to complete the clean as promised. 


In bathroom:

In kitchen:

Rate does NOT include cleaning the blinds/shutters, fans, organizing inside the cabinets/closets/drawers, washing the walls, laundry or cleaning inside the oven. Extra tasks can be added on at $50/hr per person. 

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