For people who want to be sure their home is cleaned with no chemicals


1-Bed 1-Bath

2-Bed 1-Bath

3-Bed 1-Bath


Email us to find out the basic clean or recurring clean rates for this service.   Wizards try to be as green as possible but if you want to have a total peace of mind then you should book our natural cleaning option. We’ll use products that are free of phosphates, dyes, toxins, toxic fumes, hazardous chemicals or chlorine.   Please be advised that your cleaning session may take longer than usual cleaning session.   The bath tubs, grout and sinks may not get as pearly white as it would get if we used Soft Scrub. Please let us know if you would be ok with us using Soft Scrub if absolutely needed to get the best results possible with cleaning. We would promise to rinse it off real good and polish the surfaces when done to be sure there is absolutely no residue left behind. But again, you would need to let us know if you’d be ok with this option.  

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