Be honest: if your apartment has never been cleaned, you haven’t taken out the trash in months, the dishes are piling up or neighbors are complaining about the smell then a basic or deep clean will not be enough.


Don’t order a deep clean or basic clean if your home really needs an extreme clean.  Please warn us about the current state of your apartment because only a handful of Wizards are qualified to work in your home.


We reserve the right to walk out if you have ordered a basic/deep clean for an apartment in need of an extreme clean. If you’re not sure then please send us pictures. For these cleans we only send Wizards that have agreed to accept extreme clean jobs and have enough experience.


Extreme cleaning is for extremely dirty and messy apartments. Rate would be hourly, around $75/$100 an hour per person and you likely need more than 1 person.
You are welcome to set a maximum time you allow them to stay to keep the service within your budget.